General Membership

Whether you are looking for the perfect ghostwriter to bring your stories to life, or a talented freelance writer to help you with your college thesis, whatever your literary needs are, a general membership in our club may be the best option for you.


Meet and engage with the many writers in our growing directory, promote and advertise your project in our exclusive writers forum (The Bear Cave) to attract prospective hires, download our free ghostwriter confidentiality agreement template in our Writer’s Aegis page to protect your story. These are some of the many benefits of our membership.


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For Writers

At Bear VII, we seek to provide a mecca of resources and potential paid writing opportunities for writers all over the world. By joining our club, members have access to a growing community of poets, novelists, screenwriters, and freelance editors. Promote and discuss your work through our exclusive forum, The Bear Cave, and connect with freelance editors to find the perfect fit to proofread your work.


You’ll also have access to potential paid writing opportunities like ghostwriting, co-authoring YA novels, screenwriting, working with children’s book illustrators, and many more. 


We believe that every writer’s work should be protected, which is why our Writer’s Aegis page includes a downloadable confidentiality agreement template to use with the proofreader of your choice.


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For Freelance Editors

Whether you’re an English major in college, or a seasoned proofreader, Bear VII welcomes you to join the club as a freelance editor. Hone your skills while getting paid. 


As a member of Bear VII, you’ll be part of a growing directory that’s available to writers and businesses looking for proofreading services that you provide. Our freelance editors have the freedom to set their own payment terms and their own rules. You’ll have the opportunity to earn upper tier badges for providing excellent service, maximizing your earning potential and improving your brand.


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*Confidentiality agreements are not necessary nor encouraged, however we seek to provide all available resources to protect our members and their original works of literature. Bear VII provides membership and literary resources for our members who are general members, freelance editors, and writers only. Bear VII does not provide legal advice or participate in any legal representation. Members of our club are subject to our                                       _____________.

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